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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Spurgeon: The Idols of One's Own Taste

A little Spurgeon for today. O how true this is; rampant inside the church.
Man fashions for himself a god after his own liking; he makes to himself if not out of wood or stone, yet out of what he calls his own consciousness, or his cultured thought, a deity to his taste, who will not be too severe with his iniquities or deal out strict justice to the impenitent. He rejects God as he is, and elaborates other gods such as he thinks the Divine One ought to be, and he says concerning these works of his own imagination, 'These be thy gods, O Israel.' The Holy Spirit, however, when he illuminates their minds, leads us to see that Jehovah is God, and beside him there is none else. He teaches his people to know that the God of heaven and earth is the God of the Bible, a God whose attributes are completely balanced, mercy attended by justice, love accompanied by holiness, grace arrayed in truth, and power linked with tenderness. He is not a God who winks at sin, much less is pleased with it, as the gods of the heathen are supposed to be, but a God who cannot look upon iniquity, and will by no means spare the guilty. This is the great quarrel of the present day between the philosopher and the Christian. The philosopher says, 'Yes, a god if you will, but he must be of such a character as I now dogmatically set before you'; but the Christian replies, 'Our business is not to invent a god, but to obey the one Lord who is revealed in the Scriptures of truth.' The God of Holy Scripture is love, but he is also possessed of justice and severity; he is merciful and gracious, but he is also stern and terrible towards evil; therefore unregenerate hearts say, 'We cannot accept such a God as this,' and they call him cruel, and I know not what besides. 
From a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon entitled "Heart-Knowledge of God," delivered December 6, 1874.



  1. Love that quote from Spurgeon. Reminds me of Lewis' "Screwtape Letters" where Screwtape is advising his nephew to tempt the patient through his tastes and distates, especially when it comes to going to church and selecting one that "suits" him.

  2. seems like a root for your reply to that janet lady on :) love your theology, great verses that In mind mind crealrly show the greatness of Gods election and like I said to your comment on challies site, no idea what janet believes, but there seem to be more gracious ways to approach it. There care two directions people respond to Gods sovereignty which you clearly pointed out----and how janet responded. With anger and revolve that a loving and gracious God would never do that and we would want nothing to do with that God....or a journey of slowly opening our minds to his greatness though we don't always understand it. With greater understanding of Gods sovereignty it should lead to greater humility- again, no idea where that chick janet is--maybe a history of Christ, maybe none. Again, Love your theology dude, keep bringing it.